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The decisions you make about treating the hormone imbalance caused by menopause will significantly affect your quality of life and longevity.  Unfortunately, when it comes to menopause, most decisions are made based on misinformation, confusion, and fear.  Do you have the facts?

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  • Menopause usually lasts for just a couple of years and then it’s over
  • You only have to treat your menopause if you have symptoms. No symptoms? No problem!
  • All hormone therapy increases your risks for breast cancer
  • Hormone therapy is safe as long as you are using bioidentical hormones
  • It’s not safe to be on any hormone therapy for more than five years
  • It’s okay to take progesterone every day
  • Rubbing hormone creams on your skin is a safe, effective method for hormone therapy



If you answered True to any of these questions, you have been misinformed. But don’t worry: you can get quickly up to speed by reading one of the following four articles:

  1. Menopause – Way More than Just Symptoms
  2. This Is Not Your Grandmother’s Menopause
  3. Hormone Therapy – Is It Safe?
  4. Why You Need to Be Informed and Take Charge


Please take the time to get the facts. There is a great deal of free information on this website. 

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