Take Charge of Your Menopause
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A New View of Menopause

"I don't know how long it'll take, but someday, everyone will look back at how menopause is treated today and ask, "What were they thinking?" 

Menopause is a big deal.  It is the permanent loss of the ability to produce the sex hormones estradiol and progesterone.  These two hormones are essential to your quality of life and longevity.  There is never a time when your body does not need them.  But, once you go into menopause you never regain the ability to produce them.  Never!   

You see, all of the hormone systems of your body interact.  They depend on each other to function optimally.  The loss of your sex hormones causes all of the other hormone systems of your body to be out of balance.  When that happens, your metabolism is no longer in balance.  This means you can no longer rebuild and replace each day all that you use up each day.  So, you break down. 

The hormone imbalance caused by menopause accelerates the aging process.

Aging is the gradual process of losing the ability to rebuild and replace.  It's the natural process of breaking down.  Picture how people look over time as they age.  They get smaller, wrinkled, less vibrant, less energetic.  They lose hair, muscle, and mental capacity, and have an increasing number of medical problems until, at some point, they die from one of the degenerative diseases of aging, such as heart disease, cancer, type II diabetes, Alzheimer's dementia, osteoporosis, and stroke.  Untreated or improperly treated menopause significantly accelerates the aging process.

It's a fact that, once in menopause, women increasingly experience a wide variety of medical problems.  Click here for a partial list, what I call The Top 100. Why do we start having all these problems?  The standard answer from most doctors is, "You're just getting older."  And, they are right… getting older at an accelerated rate! 




Menopause may be inevitable, but accelerated aging isn't!

It's not the 1900s any more!  Back when women died in their fifties and early sixties, the undermining health effects of menopause were of little consequence.  But, today, women are living 30% to 40% of our lives after the onset of menopause.  These can and should be some of our best years, when we take our experience, wisdom, and visions out into the world to pursue our passions.  This is not a time to be dragged down by low energy, diminished brain function, weight gain, and unnecessary health problems.  And, it doesn't have to be.   


So, Let's Get Started!

Set aside everything you've ever been told about menopause and open your mind to a very different view.  That's what Menopause Power is all about. Decide if my message makes sense to you.  At least you will have made an informed decision.  If my message does resonate with you, then it's time to become more educated.  Start by reading the four articles below.


MENOPAUSE SYMPTOMSiStock_000015855383XSmallMenopause – Way More Than Just Symptoms

The biggest challenge I face in educating both women and doctors about menopause is getting everyone to look beyond the classic symptoms it causes like hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, sleep disruption, hair loss, and “brain fog.”  Everybody thinks that menopause is only about symptoms.  If you have them, you treat them.  If you don't have them, then menopause is a non-issue.  You can ignore it.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

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Grandma iStock_000011030673SmallThis Is Not Your Grandmother's Menopause

Today, women are outliving the limitations of the traditional view of menopause as a brief period of a few irritating symptoms and then it’s over.  Back in your grandmother’s day, women lived relatively few years after the onset of menopause.  Who knew back then that:

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HORMONE SAFEiStock_000016257401XSmallHormone Therapy – Is It Safe?

Okay.  Moment of truth.  If you read the first two articles in this section, you understand that the loss of the sex hormones, estradiol and progesterone, causes certain hormone system imbalances leading to metabolic imbalance, which accelerates aging, undermines your health, promotes degenerative diseases, and causes you all kinds of problems and discomfort along the way. 

Now, what you want to know is how to keep estradiol and progesterone in your life for all the good they do you.  Who wants to die early and feel lousy in the process?  So, your question is, "Is hormone therapy safe and effective?  After all, you've heard the "news" about hormone therapy causing cancer, and being risky.  The truth is:   

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INFORMED TAKE CHARGEiStock_000015522681XSmallWhy You Need to Be Informed and Take Charge

I wish that any woman who wants to could have access to a doctor who completely understands menopause, the implications of the loss of estradiol and progesterone, and who knows how to restore and rebalance hormones effectively and safely.  I wish this were so.  But it isn't.  Which is why I created Menopause Power.  The hard truth is that, unless you are informed, and unless you are willing to advocate for yourself, you will not receive the treatment you need.  You will not be able to rebalance your hormone systems and your metabolism, and you will suffer the health consequences. 

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