Take Charge of Your Menopause
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Want To Feel Like Yourself Again?

The most frequent complaint I hear from middle aged women is:

“Ever since I went into menopause, I’m not myself. 

I want to feel good again!” 


Our middle years can and should be some of our best years.  Yet, once in menopause, so many women are plagued not only by the classic symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, and sleep disruption, but also by other problems like:

Fatigue        Headaches        Weight gain       Hair loss        Constipation     

 Digestive problems        Memory loss        Anxiety       Depression        Loss of libido     

 Vaginal dryness          High cholesterol        and many other problems…


These other problems are also due to menopause.

It's true!  I know it is from over 20 years of caring for thousands of women who came to me with these kinds of problems.  By restoring their hormone balance these problems resolve naturally.  No need for a bunch of prescription drugs.  I’ve seen it happen thousands of times. But, to be effective and safe, it has to be done correctly!


Want to feel like yourself again?   I can help you!

Because most doctors are not trained to understand the big picture regarding menopause, they treat it incorrectly.  That’s why you need to be informed.  You need to know if what your doctor is advising and prescribing are correct.  You need to understand how to treat menopause safely and effectively.  That's what Menopause Power is all about.  


Get the Menopause Power Course and Take Charge Guide

The Menopause Power Program includes a course and a book, the Take Charge Guide, that present, in non-technical terms, what menopause really is, how it affects a woman's health, why it needs to be treated, long-term, and how to do so correctly using bioidentical hormones.  



Menopause is a lifelong condition with significant health consequences.

Menopause is the permanent loss of the ability to produce the two sex hormones estradiol and progesterone.  You never regain your ability to produce these hormones.  And, there is never a time when your body does not need them.  Back when we died in our fifties and early sixties, women lived only a short time in menopause, and the health effects of the loss of the sex hormones were not very evident.  


Today, women live 30 to 40% of their lives after the onset of menopause…

…and the evidence is compelling. 

The loss of estradiol and progesterone causes hormone system imbalances that lead to numerous health problems, accelerates the aging process, and promotes the degenerative diseases of aging, like heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s dementia, osteoporosis, and stroke.


Don’t be misled.  Menopause isn’t just about hot flashes!

It's a permanent change in your body chemistry that, symptoms or not, accelerates your aging process.  Even if you “got lucky” and never had the classic menopause symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, and sleep disruption, don't be fooled.  Due to the loss of estradiol and progesterone, your body is inevitably experiencing challenges, which you may be completely unaware of.  


Sooner or later, health problems will occur that are seemingly unrelated to menopause, such as:

 Weight gain       Abnormal cholesterol levels       Anxiety     

 Depression        High blood pressure       Fatigue     

 Loss of focus and mental acuity       Hair loss       Bone loss

Unfortunately, it is not well understood that these problems are related to the hormone imbalances caused by menopause.  They are usually viewed as independent problems and treated accordingly, typically, with prescription drugs.  This is why so many women in middle age are on statin drugs, antidepressants, bisphosphonates, and blood pressure medications.


You need to know how menopause affects your health and how to treat it safely and effectively.  

It’s all in the Menopause Power Course and Take Charge Guide.



Most of the information published about menopause is WRONG!

Since you found this page, I assume you are looking for accurate information you can rely on.  Unfortunately, there’s so much misinformation out there, it’s challenging to know what’s right and what’s wrong. Trust me…most of it’s wrong!


Why trust me?

I am an endocrinologist, a hormone specialist, who has made menopause a major focus of my life’s work.  I have spent nearly 25 years successfully helping women just like you take care of their health.  Using bioidentical hormones, I have treated literally thousands of women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, including my family, my friends, and now, myself.  My sole objective is to educate and motivate you to protect your health.   


My approach is very different from 99% of doctors.  

Unfortunately, doctors are trained to treat only the symptoms of menopause, not the hormone imbalance it causes.   And, to do so with hormone drugs, not bioidentical hormones.  Even doctors who are using bioidentical hormones aren’t trained to do so correctly.  They often use pills or topical creams, products like Biest.  They prescribe too much or too little estradiol and progesterone, and often have their patients taking progesterone daily instead of cycling it.  They prescribe hormones the body can still make, like testosterone and pregnenelone.  These methods are potentially harmful and do not help to rebalance your hormone systems.


Just because you are using bioidentical hormones doesn’t mean it's either effective or safe.

Because all hormones interact with each other, giving too much or too little estradiol, giving hormones the body can still make, and using pills or creams can actually do more harm than good.  To be both effective and safe, hormone balancing must be done correctly.  


To protect your health, you need the facts. 

Everything you need to know is in the Menopause Power Course and Take Charge Guide.  What to do (and not do), and how to do it.  I tell you exactly how I treat my patients’ menopause – and my own – with bioidentical hormones.  The right lab tests, starting dosages, and important guidelines.  There’s information for your doctor, too!



Menopause is the most mismanaged health problem facing women today. 

The reason?  Misinformation and confusion!

I’m often appalled by what doctors tell their patients regarding their menopause and related health problems.  It’s unfortunate, but doctors are not trained to understand the effect that menopause has on a woman’s health and how to treat it correctly.  Here are some of the most popular misunderstandings:

What menopause is
Myth: a brief period of bothersome symptoms
Truth: the permanent loss of the ability to produce estradiol and progesterone, hormones you need to stay healthy, slow down aging, and prevent degenerative disease

When it begins
Myth: one year after your last period
Truth: well before your last period as estradiol and progesterone production becomes erratic
When it ends
Myth: in a few years when symptoms like hot flashes go away
Truth: when you die – menopause is the permanent loss of your sex hormone system!

What to treat
Myth: just treat the symptoms
Truth: treat the hormone deficiency and rebalance all of the hormone systems of the body

What to use to treat it
Myth: use the lowest possible dose of hormone drugs for the shortest possible time
Truth: use bioidentical hormones – they are totally different from hormone drugs, which are downright dangerous!

What method to use treat it
Myth: as long as you use bioidentical hormones, it doesn’t matter how they are given
Truth: bioidentical hormones can also be harmful if they are not given correctly!


The Solution: Informed, educated women!

Untreated or incorrectly treated menopause is a threat to your health.  If your doctor isn’t correctly informed, you have to be.  It shouldn’t be this way, but it is.  That’s why I created Menopause Power.  If women take charge today, then, in a generation or two, our daughters and their daughters won’t have to.  Menopause Power is a pioneering mission.  Please become a part of it.  Get the Menopause Power Course and Take Charge Guide, and get started!



I am on a personal mission to change the way menopause is perceived and treated.

I’m not here to sell you hormones or some canned, one-size-fits all solution.  My goal is simply to educate you and, in doing so, empower you to take charge of managing your own menopause!  I want to put the control of YOUR health back in YOUR hands so you are no longer a victim of misinformation, and are no longer relegated to blindly following the advice of a doctor who is misinformed.


Take charge of your health today with Menopause Power

I really want you to watch or listen to the Menopause Power Course and read the Take Charge Guide.  There's so much for you to know.  After all, this is your health we're talking about!

The Menopause Power Course: Over three hours of information that will change the way you think about menopause – how it affects your health and why you must treat it correctly.  Based on scientific facts and over 20 years of clinical experience, I will explain to you how to effectively and safely rebalance you sex hormone system and restore your metabolic balance using bioidentical hormones.  

Presented to an audience of women just like you, the information is easy to understand. You’ll feel right at home while you learn what you need to know to take an active informed role in managing your health once in menopause.

Available in a 3 DVD set or streaming (watch on TV, computer or iPad), or MP3 download (listen on iPod, tablet, smartphone, or burn to CD)


The Menopause Power Take Charge Guide takes you step-by-step through The Five Rules for Hormone Balancing Therapy (HBTx), the exact same protocol I use to treat my patients, my family, and myself.  Over 100 pages of easy to understand information, the Guide gives you what you need to get started with Hormone Balancing Therapy and keep yourself healthy in the years to come.  It includes:

Available in bound/print format or digitally, online

Also Receive:

The Menopause Power Notebook with all the slides used in the presentation and a space for you to jot down important points you want to remember when talking to your doctor.

Dear Colleague Letter:  A letter from me to physicians explaining the Menopause Power initiative and offering my free, 100 page paper detailing my Hormone Balancing Therapy (HBTx) protocol.



After listening to the Course and reading the Take Charge Guide, if you haven't gained a whole new view of menopause, and are not commited to taking charge of managing your own menopause, within 90 days of purchase return what you received in "like new" condition and receive a full refund (minus shipping).


Here's what other women have said about Menopause Power

I know that other women’s opinions are important to you.  Here’s what several of them (including a few doctors) had to say about the program:

Thanks to Menopause Power I now have a much clearer understanding of what I've been going through the last few years.  To know there is an answer, that I'm not crazy or lazy or unmotivated, is beyond relief.  Thank you so much for your work and willingness to share your findings.  I definitely will be recommending this program to friends and family members. – Elizabeth R.
WOW!  Knowledge is power and now I have more knowledge, so Menopause Power was exactly the right name for this program. I got much more out of this than I expected and now I have lots of questions to ask about what I am currently doing and if it is really the best thing for me. — Sharon S.
I can't emphasize enough how great this was – I have seen 4 different doctors in the past 6 months and there is so much bad information out there!  I really appreciate the opportunity to get first hand sound scientific information.  Thank you so much!!! – Melissa G.
“If I had known this information six years ago, I could have saved myself a lot of suffering, stress, and money. For all these years, I have felt like an experiment because every doctor I talked to told me something different and none of it made any logical sense. This program made total sense and gave me the information I need to take care of my health from this day forward. Finally, I'm happy to be in my fifties!” — Elisabeth D.

Excellent information!!  It will change how I prescribe hormones starting tomorrow! — Dr. Anne W.

This is so fabulous!  Even though I'm not in menopause yet, I now feel prepared and informed. – Alison P.

Once again, Dr. Schwarzbein, great information!  I feel much more confident about handling what is going on in my own body now and I hope I can translate that into some help and guidance with my own patients. — Dr. Colleen K.

This seminar far exceeded my expectations!  I am very health conscious and have used several forms of bioidentical hormones since perimenopause.  In spite of that, I have had worsening symptoms over time.  Today I found out that I am not using my hormones in the right quantities or combinations and I understand how that is contributing to my problems. I can't thank you enough! – Margo S.

“Dr. Schwarzbein is brilliant, engaging and above all, generous.  Listening to her is like watching a photographic image develop – what was once foggy and indistinct becomes clear and well-defined.  It’s amazing what happens when people hear the truth.” — Angela V.