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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have placed an order and have a question or problem, please be sure to email us at using the same email address you used when you ordered.  We will respond as soon as possible!

If you are having technical difficulty accessing or downloading materials you have purchased, please email us at and let us know what browser you are using, and whether you are using a PC, a Mac, an iPad, or other mobile device.  Please be as accurate and specific as possible.  The more details you can provide, the better we can to assist you.  

In the very limited time she has, Dr. Schwarzbein reads many of the numerous comments and questions that are emailed to us.  Your questions and comments guide us in developing additional content for this website and we appreciate them.  Unfortunately, it is not possible for her to answer questions that are “case specific.”  Providing meaningful answers to such questions would typically require much more information than is provided, require more time than is available, and would likely constitute providing medical advice to a non-patient, which, as you can understand she cannot lawfully or ethically do.  So, if you do send a question and do not receive a response, the probability is that the question was overly specific or complex or is otherwise addressed in the Menopause Power Course and/or Take Charge Guide.

We are working to develop a directory of physicians through whom we can refer women seeking a doctor to work with to correctly treat their menopause.  It is a slow process.  If you are looking for a referral, feel free to email us with the subject: Referral Request.  If we can meet your needs, we will respond.  If we do not respond, it’s not that we ignored your request, it’s just that we do not yet have anyone to whom we can refer you.

Dr. Schwarzbein’s practice is currently full and she is not able to accept any new patients.

Dr. Schwarzbein has a size-limited medical practice. Currently, she is accepting a few new patients most months.  Becoming a patient requires that you come, initially and at least annually, to her office in Santa Barbara, CA. If you wish to become a patient, please send an email to: with the subject: New Patient Inquiry. Please include your name and telephone number and a brief paragraph or two about your health/medical circumstances and concerns. We will reply to your email and give you a sense of the waiting time until you could see her if you were accepted as a patient.