"Ever since I went into menopause, I'm not myself. I want to feel good again!"

Our middle years can and should be some of our best.

Yet, once in menopause, so many women are plagued not only by the classic symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, and sleep disruption, but also by other problems like:

These problems are also due to menopause

It’s true! By restoring hormone balance these problems resolve naturally.  No need for a bunch of prescription drugs. Dr. Schwarzbein has made it happen thousands of times. But, to be effective and safe, it has to be done correctly!

Want to feel like yourself again? The Menopause Power program is here to help!

Because most doctors are not trained to fully appreciate the big picture regarding menopause, they treat it incorrectly.  That’s why you need to be informed.  You need to know if what your doctor is advising and prescribing are correct.  You need to understand how to treat menopause safely and effectively.  That’s what Menopause Power is all about. 

Dr. Schwarzbein’s approach is very different from 99% of doctors. 

Unfortunately, doctors are trained to treat only the symptoms of menopause, not the hormone imbalance it causes.  What’s more, most doctors attempt to treat menopause with hormone drugs, not bioidentical hormones. Even doctors who are using bioidentical hormones aren’t trained to do so correctly. They often use pills or topical creams, products like Biest, they prescribe too much or too little estradiol and progesterone, and often have their patients taking progesterone daily instead of cycling it. Or, they prescribe hormones the body can still make, like testosterone and pregnenelone. These methods are potentially harmful and do not help to rebalance your hormone systems.

The Menopause Power Program

The Menopause Power Program includes a course and a book, the Take Charge Guide. Presented in non-technical terms, it details what menopause really is, how it affects a woman’s health, why it needs to be treated long-term, and how to do so correctly using bioidentical hormones. 

Everything you need to know is in the Menopause Power Course and Take Charge Guide.  What to do (and not do), and how to do it.  It tells you exactly how Dr. Schwarzbein treats her patients’ menopause with bioidentical hormones, the right lab tests, starting dosages, and important guidelines. There’s information for your doctor, too!

Our No-Risk Guarantee

After listening to the Course and reading the Take Charge Guide, if you haven’t gained a whole new view of menopause, and are not commited to taking charge of managing your own menopause, go ahead and return the program to us for a full refund!*

*Less the amount for return shipping. Returned items must be returned within 90 days of purchase and be in “like-new” condition.

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