Menopause Power is an initiative to modernize the perception and treatment of menopause so:

  • Women can make informed decisions about how their menopause is managed
  • Those who choose it, can have affordable access to proper care

The only way this long overdue change will occur any time soon is if women demand it.

Today, women have the means to bring about this change.  Through publishing, blogging, and social networking, the Internet offers us a highly effective platform for focusing attention and energy on issues and gives us an audible, visible, ever-present forum for our voices. 

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Help us bring about this important change in women’s health.

Photo of menopausal women

Become a part of the Menopause Power initiative – for your own sake, and so that, when the time comes, your daughters and their daughters will be able to receive the care they deserve to protect their health and the quality of their lives.

It's time!

Thank you for supporting this important effort to change the management of women's health. 

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