Awareness and education are almost always at the forefront of change

Through Menopause Power, I am doing everything I can to raise awareness and provide helpful, educational resources for women.  I am also providing educational resources for physicians.  To this end, I have written a letter for you to give to your doctor.  This Dear Colleague letter is a request to help bring about the changes in thinking and practice that are needed to help protect women’s health.  

The letter includes an invitation to receive, at no cost, my recently published paper for physicians, Hormone Balancing Therapy (HBTx) – Why & How.  This paper explains the need to manage menopause as we do other permanent hormone deficiencies.  It also provides the nitty-gritty, “cookbook” level details of how to do so using HBTx, the protocol I have used for over 20 years to successfully treat thousands of menopausal women.  Please be sure to give your doctor my letter.


To download your Dear Colleague letter, click here!

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