Menopause and Health

  • Hot Flash! Why menopause is NOT just about the symptoms
  • 100 health problems caused by menopause – how many do you have?
  • How menopause undermines health and promotes degenerative diseases
  • Ignorance Isn't Bliss — Why ignoring your menopause will make you age faster and damage your health
  • The conversation every woman over 40 should have with her doctor
  • Connecting the Dots — Nutrition, hormones, metabolism, health, and longevity
  • Your Hormone Ecosystem – why hormone balance is essential to your health
  • Tired of Not Sleeping?  Menopause and sleep disruption
  • The Physiology of Fat — Why women gain weight in menopause and can't lose it by dieting and exercising
  • Don't Be Cuckoo for Cardio!  Proper exercise regimens once menopause begins
  • Foggy, Fuzzy, Frazzled, Frantic – how menopause affects your mental and emotional health (and what to do about it!)
  • Wake Up Call!  When menopause really starts – it's earlier than you think.  What to do NOW!
  • Menopause doesn't end until your funeral – what to do now to delay that event

Hormone Therapy

  • The Truth About Hormone Replacement – hormone drugs versus bioidentical hormones
  • Hormone Therapy and Breast Cancer – the big scare that is so misunderstood
  • Why "Bioidentical" Is Not Enough.  To be safe and effective, hormone therapy must also be "Bioequivalent."
  • Taking bioidentical hormones orally?  Using creams, gels, or pellets?  Listen up!
  • Nutrition, sleep, and exercise – just as important as taking hormones

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