To improve women’s health, quality of life, and longevity by changing the way in which menopause is viewed and treated.
Our vision is that women can make informed decisions about how their menopause is managed and have access to physicians who know how to treat it safely and effectively.


  • Menopause is generally perceived as a temporary condition that requires treatment only if its classic symptoms are not tolerable.  However, menopause is actually a permanent hormone deficiency state, which, unless correctly treated, undermines a woman’s health. 
  • Women are now living 30% to 40% of their lives after the onset of menopause; the preponderance of the health problems they encounter are brought about or exacerbated by the permanent hormone deficiency (estradiol and progesterone) caused by menopause. 
  • Most women and physicians are not aware of these two well-established facts; they do not understand that, symptoms or not, menopause must be treated.
  • The highly publicized findings regarding the risks of using hormone drugs to treat menopause (HRT) have left most women and physicians with the belief that there is no safe way to treat menopause long-term. 
  • Most women and physicians are either immobilized by the fear and confusion surrounding HRT or are blindly following the standard advice of using hormone drugs for a brief period to treat the transitory, classic symptoms of menopause. 
  • In fact, menopause can be treated effectively and safely over the long term using bioidentical hormones in a bioequivalent manner.
  • Many women want to, but are unable to find a physician who is trained to do so. 
  • Both women and physicians require education and support to embrace and adopt this modern, scientifically based view of menopause and its treatment.

Menopause Power is an initiative to raise awareness of the problem, its implications for women’s health, quality of life, and longevity, and the substantial cost burden it places on our healthcare system.  We provide educational resources for both women and physicians, a forum for commentary and questions and, ultimately, a network/directory of physicians who treat menopause correctly.



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