I know that other women's opinions are important to you. Here's what several of them (including a few doctors) had to say about the program:

The DVDs and Take Charge Guide are the perfect combination. Thank you, Dr. Schwarzbein!

Stephanie R.

My doctor and I have both been waiting for the Guide and your HBTx paper for physicians. What took you so long? She’s been open to managing menopause the way you teach it, but needed more information. Now we’re working together as a team. Thank you so much!

Brenda D.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The Take Charge Guide has made it possible for me to explain what I want and why. I get it, my friends get it, and now, even my doctor gets it. It gives me hope!

Linda B.

The Take Charge Guide puts it all together. This is exactly what I need. I was dreading talking to my doctor about hormone therapy. Now, I can’t wait! I just made my appointment.

Melanie P.

Thank you so much for this life-saving information. Dr. Schwarzbein should get a Nobel Prize or Pulitzer Prize (something on that level!) because she is truly abiding by a standard unlike I have experienced with anyone, personally and professionally.

Mary B.

Dr. Schwarzbein is brilliant, engaging and above all, generous. Listening to her is like watching a photographic image develop – what was once foggy and indistinct becomes clear and well defined. It’s amazing what happens when people hear the truth.

Angela V.

I have watched the series one time through but feel as though I need to watch them many times more. There is so much good information. I really appreciate the way Dr Schwarzbein tries to bring it down to laymen’s terms. I am a very non-medical person and this is so helpful.

Laura M.

Once again, Dr. Schwarzbein, great information! I feel much more confident about handling what is going on in my own body now and I hope I can translate that into some help and guidance with my own patients.

Dr. Colleen K.

This is so fabulous! Even though I’m not in menopause yet, I now feel prepared and informed.

Alison P.

Excellent information!! It will change how I prescribe hormones starting tomorrow!

Dr. Anne W.

WOW! Knowledge is power and now I have more knowledge, so Menopause Power was exactly the right name for this program. I got much more out of this than I expected and now I have lots of questions to ask about what I am currently doing and if it is really the best thing for me.

Sharon S.

Watched it, loved it, learned a lot and am excited to get on track with managing MY menopause. I will definitely share with family and friends. Dr. Schwarzbein was very engaging and those 3 1/2 hours were like a book I couldn’t put down.

Debbie B.

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